Full moon in Swedish Lapland Cracks Moonlight as single light source Cold mountains of Laponia Cozy fire in the moonlight The river "Sjaunjaätno" under snow
Thick layer of snow Hello! Sisu on the top Winter landscape Golden frost Bright sunlight
Beautiful winter sun Island of ice So cold… Ice 2013_PS_1_02 River Kaitumälven
Winter sun Rays of sunset Colourful landscape Bright sun Intense sunset The winter sun illuminates
Pink snow Pink snow formation Snow formation in Swedish Lapland Dog enjoying a beautiful winterday Very cold but beautiful Cold beauty
Warm campfire in the freezing landscape Warm and cold Blue evening Blue winter night Stars in the moonlight The moon shines on warming fire
Heavy ice Illuminated thick ice Glowing edge Frosty tree Hot air balloon flying over winter landscape February art
Cold winter day Cold and clear Icicle up close Winter crystals Snowflakes Big flakes of snow
Ice crystals Ice blue The last spot of snow Cracks in the snow Winter landscape in dormancy Ice cold morning mist
Cold river Sunset at Killingefallet River Kaitumälven in sundown Winter… Monochrome winter landscape HDR winter
2013 (mixed sizes)