Thick fog Wavy fog Waterfall of Lihtijohka Mountain Gáppetjåkkå Paddling on lake Teusajaure Lake Teusajaure
Campfire Summer sunset Enchanting campfire Lovely morning Great fishing Mountain Ráhpattjårro
Trout for dinner again Comparison Grand valley Another trout True nature The stone
Magic summer night Hide and seek Family of swans Time to paddle Calm Spruce up close
Lovely autumn weather Two trouts, breakfast and lunch Family of mushrooms Waiting for a snack Gieblejohka Following dad
Autumn creek Beautiful autumn creek Grrrr :) The sun rises again Calm autumn morning Frosty morning
Golden morning Haze Drops Dew drops in the morning Autumn sun in the dew drop Cold frosty morning
Icicles over creek Fresh char for dinner Very old tree Penno ponders 5,5 kilo trout Great trout
Idyllic lake Wild and free Early summer Summer sky Roots The creek
Solitude Dewdrop Flying The dorsal fin of a grayling Sunset in Jaurekaska Time for relocation
Alone fisherman Favourite place Burning sky Midnight sun Sunset viewed from mountain Kieble No longer seaworthy
Midnight sun in Swedish Lapland Warm midnight in Swedish Lapland Swedish Lapland Nice day for paddling Summer at its best Mmmm, hungry…
Relaxation Sometimes you have to rest Beautiful trout with fly fishing rod Mountains Mountain view Gull scouts over the mountains
Lihtijohka Last light at Lihtijohka Dramatic sky over lake Sitasjaure Sunset over lake Sitasjaure Big herd of reindeers in Laponia World Heritage Large herd of reindeers near  the lake Sitasjaure
Reindeers Lake Autajaure View over lake Autajaure Happy puppy Amazing evening Curious puppy
Sisu when he was a puppy Nightfall in Swedish Lapland Nightfall in Swedish Lapland no. 2 View of the Teusa valley Clear sky sunset Sleeping
Char on the hook Fighting char Great weather Roasting sun Rainbow Canyon in Laponia World Heritage
Waterfall and rainbow Narrow canyon River Suorggejohka Stone pool by the river Beautiful valley Stones
Ávddaluoppal Reliable tent Paddling in Sammakko Vacation! Morning mist The herd
Morning fog dancing over the lake Lihtijohka waterfall
2011 (mixed sizes)