Me and my dog Sisu Sisu discovers something in the distance Beautiful dogs Watching Yet another adventure Takes the opportunity to rest
In his right element Enjoying the summer Silhouette Sisu balances in the morning light Cuddles Beautiful landscape with beautiful dog
Running Just watching the nature Hide and seek Penno in the forest Waiting for a snack Sisu watching the sunset
Gieblejohka On the top Staring Following dad Resting in the wind Penno taking a break
Sleeps in the wind Grrrr :) Comfy Here I am Lunch Man's best friends
Penno ponders Stately dog On the way to the next valley Great trout Favourite place Swedish Lapland
Sometimes you have to rest Sisu in Stora Sjöfallet Happy puppy Curious puppy Sisu when he was a puppy Exploring
Sisu enjoying the sunset Sisu eats breakfast Thirsty dog Tired dog… Thunderous waterfall Incredible weather
No worries I'm ready for whatever Sisu in the wind Break time Nice breakfast view Time to rest
I'm not carrying that anymore Come along! Family Guarding the campsite My dog Sisu by the river Me and my dog Sisu at Vuojatädno
Penno Father and son Sisu and Penno by the river Dog enjoying the autumn Perfect weather Exploring nature
Drinking fresh water Stillness Cold water Sisu enjoying the day Sisu resting in the shade Time to visit the sandman
Boulders from another time Looking out over the landscape Sisu takes the opportunity to rest Sisu Penno resting Drooling
Sisu on the edge Happy happy happy Old and young Summer has come Me and Sisu on a hike
Dogs (mixed sizes)