The gate to Sarek Vietasjokk sunset The mighty Skierfe top In the shadow Lapland landscape Vietasjokk
Old landscape in Laponia World Heritage Old landscape Through the forest Sisu Skierfe Nammasj
Skierfe black and white Sunset over Sarek national park Adjusting the equipment Bedroom view Another night in paradise Admires the landscape
View from the top of Skierfe at night Excellent view Top of Skierfe Scouts Hiking is true happiness Skierfe Selfie
Nammasj seen from the top of Skierfe Sarek national park Stora Sjöfallets national park, Sweden Mountains of Sarek Overwhelmingly There and back again
Delta Summer in Lapland Relaxing in Sarek national park Beautiful Skierfe Summer hiking Rocky landscape
Evening light Norwegian mountains Lonely moose At the end of the rainbow Fishing cabin Mirror and mountains
Fishing in Lapland Penno resting Drooling Endless serenity Campfire in solitude Goodnight and sleep tight
Campfire under the night sky Cloudberry up close Colorful fish Fresh fish for lunch Goody! Camping in the north of Sweden
Arctic char on the hook Magnificent fish These boots are made for walking Penno taking a break Penno Sisu on the edge
Lots of wilderness Happy happy happy Camping site for the night Me Beautiful dogs Family
A sip of hot beverage One of those moments Moment of true serenity Stunning sunset Old and young Levels of nature
Purple haze Skull Skull no. 2 Green On the way home Åive, mineral water no. 6
Åive, mineral water no. 7 Åive, mineral water Åive, mineral water no. 2 Åive, mineral water no. 3 Åive, mineral water no, 4 Åive, mineral water no, 5
Åive, mineral water no. 8 Northern Lights in september Beautiful autumn day Autumn colors Trout In the net
Summer has come Spring time is bird time Sunset over Sarek View from Skierfe Midnight sun over Rapadalen Powerful view
Panorama over Rapadalen, Sarek national park Magnificent camping site Good morning Sarek! BIG view Totally windless Happy camper
Mirror view Me and Sisu on a hike Reine, a norwegian village Panorama over Reine, Norway Dreamlike scenery Camping at the top
Dreamlike landscape Roaring rapids of Lapland Misty mountains Aurora goal Magic playground Northern Lights over a park
2015 (mixed sizes)