A creek called Görjeån Colorful rapids Waterflow Watching Raging rapids of Piteälven Viedásädno
Falling Mountains near Suorva Skjomdal in Norway Fresh water Falling fresh water Nature's own infinity pool
Perfect day Waterfall Speed no. 2 Cloudberries Two suns Glorious summer
Mid day Stora Sjöfallets nationalpark Autumn The city Gällivare at night Hazy autumn morning Golden haze
Morning frost Frost Mountains of Laponia Signs of spring Finally summer! Paddling Görjeån
Resting in the wind Flow of life Near Stora Sjöfallet Sleeps in the wind Relatives Comfy
Don't fall How old am I? Waterfall near Suorva Old fishing boat Reflections Once a mighty spruce
Long exposure Lunch Falling water Backed gull taking off Purple seashore Streams
Nice morning for paddling Pure happiness Big waterfall in Laponia Waterfall called Stora Sjöfallet Rainbow waterfall Time for a bath
Idyllic Summer… Nature Lovely streams The start of yet another adventure Black swan
Paddling on lake Jiertajaure Camping in late August Rushing stream Towards the lake Jiertajaure Creek with lanterns Almost exotic
Standing alone Man's best friends Ray of sunlight Midday sun Stately dog Deep creek
Autumn sunset Goodnight Mysterious fog Foggy sunrise Sun breaking thru The sunlight penetrates the forest
Frosty sunrise
2012 (mixed sizes)