Sliding waterfall Water slide Old tree Me and my dog Sisu The river Vuojatätno Camping on an island
Camping on an island no. 2 Last light Last light on Ahkka River of glacier water Caught at night Morning light
Good morning sun Morning glory All aboard? Longing for summer fishing Beautiful trout Wonderful
Takes the opportunity to rest Perfect Fly fishing dreams Mirror mirror… Enjoying the summer Kaitum river at night
Good morning! Silhouette Beautiful calm morning Sisu balances in the morning light Running Glacier
Colorful autumn Just watching the nature Green grass in the morning light Penno in the forest Old stone bridge The last leaves still hanging
Sisu watching the sunset On the top Staring Cold autumn sign Ice and blood Very old…
Spring flood Water on its way Late spring Just caught trout Big trout Rushing water
Sisu in Stora Sjöfallet Fly fishing Graylings eating in the stream Barbeque Overslept Aerial photo of lake Sievgok
Lake Sievgok Lake Kåbtåjaure Exploring Total loneliness View from inside the tent Perfect campsite
Sisu enjoying the sunset Yawning early in the morning Sisu eats breakfast Heavenly water Summer time Thirsty dog
Warm tent Warm tent no. 2 Arctic char for supper Beautiful char Beautiful char in sunset Tired dog…
Fishing on the border of Sweden and Norway Flowers in sunset Nighttime in Swedish Lapland Delicious water Full moon in Laponia Hello
Boating Thunderous waterfall Incredible weather Deep Paddling No worries
Perfect hiking trip I'm ready for whatever Sisu in the wind Mountain creek On its way Fabulous evening
Break time Only a few miles to go Nice breakfast view Time to rest Morning view Stairs of water
The middle of the creek Reindeer horn I'm not carrying that anymore Paddling on lake Ubmas Paddles through the night Sunrise at lake Ubmas
The herb Garden Angelica Sunrise at lake Ubmas in late july Too hot for a tent Great scenery Trout for dinner Tail fin of a trout
To the other side Well used hiking boots Well used hiking boots no. 2 Moon high above Ahkka Small bird (Charadrius morinellus) against the mountain Ahkka Come along!
Akkajaure Fishing with friends Guarding the campsite Paddling upstream Good fishing Spádnejåhkå
Waterfall at dusk Dreamy campfire Rainbow at lake Jiertajaure Warming campfire My dog Sisu by the river Me and my dog Sisu at Vuojatädno
Perfect evening Evening light on Ahkka Misty morning Mirror Sunrise Father and son
Sisu and Penno by the river Dog enjoying the autumn Sunset over calm lake Perfect weather Exploring nature Midnight sun on camping site
Mountain stream Snow in the middle of summer Drinking fresh water Clear blue sky Wonderful fishing spot Just before sunset
Glacier water Full moon Turquoise Towards the lake Skuogejávrre Stillness Laponia World Heritage at night
Absolute silence Towards lake Ubmas Sunrise over lake Ubmas Beautiful place Ahkka Early morning in Swedish Lapland
Summer camping Roaring rapids Fast water Sunrise once again Crystal clear water Cold water
2013 (mixed sizes)