First trip of the season Sisu discovers something in the distance Very old driftwood Far away Taste of nature Sisu resting in the shade
Clear blue sky over the river Sisu enjoying the day Genuine wilderness Wait for it… Fly fishing in the canyon Sweet summer fishing
The power of water Turquoise glacial water in the ravine Waterfall in Laponia World Heritage The catch of the day Freshly caught char in the net Speed
HDR photo of the stream Top of the waterfall Dripping waterfall Levels Delicious fresh water On the hunt
Buzzard in the sky Flying buzzard A pair of buzzards Sharp claws Buzzard up close Scouting for food
Old but beautiful Left in the wilderness Expectations are high… Better than any restaurant Chat by the fire Time to visit the sandman
Another day to a close The sun's last performance Last glimpse of the sun Beautiful landscape with beautiful dog Boulders from another time On the way to the next valley
Looking out over the landscape Pure pleasure Angles Small waterfall of fresh water Sisu takes the opportunity to rest Last meal of the day
Antlers Exciting moment Gull Relaxation in nature Mix of colours Roaring mountain rapids
Wonderful view Simple living Sunset after the rain Autumn in Parakkakurkkio The day coming to an end An evening beside the fire
Warming fire in the autumn night Aurora borealis Aurora borealis over the campsite Magical evening Beautiful night with the northern lights Northern lights corona
Far far away Half-moon over Swedish Lapland Total silence Wildflowers Tranquility of nature Wilderness
Freshwater rapids Enlightened tent under the moonlight River up close Grey nature Last sunlight Divided dusk
Yet another adventure In his right element Follow the stream Sunlight breaking thru the clouds Parakkakurkkio Camping under the northern lights
Eerie fog Flowing water Complete silence Tranquility of nature no. 2 Small stream in the river Waterslide all the way from the top
Water's effect on stone
2014 (mixed sizes)